The Healthcare Survival Guide’s recent media appearances

The Healthcare Survival Guide received a lot of attention from media outlets all over the nation this summer. Missed an article or interview? Don’t worry — here’s a list of all of the book’s tips, tricks, and resources media outlets shared with their audiences this summer.

On May 14, the Bergen County Record in New Jersey quoted co-author Martin Rosen in an article on negotaiting doctor’s bills:

On May 21, Lita Epstein of suggested that her readers download a copy of The Healthcare Survival Guide in an article on saving money in healthcare:

On August 11, Ivan Penn of the St. Petersburg Times cited some of the book’s indispensible cost-saving tips in answering a reader’s question regarding saving money on health and dental costs:

The next day, blogger T. Lynne Trentwood of the Denver Examiner blog urged her readers to download the free book, saying “it is esay to read and has many largely unknown self-care tips”:

The following day, August 11, Steve Pomeranz, host of “On The Money!” on South Florida’s WXEL FM, spoke with Rosen about the book:

On August 16, TipHero, a website that highlights bargains and money-saving strategies in a variety of markets, advised its readers to check out the book’s “great advice”:

On September 1, CBS News featured a slideshow of some of The Healthcare Survival Guide’s most useful tips:

The following day, South Dakota Public Radio host Paul Guggenheimer spoke with Rosen about the book and where to look for inexpensive medical care:

And finally, on September 4, Susan Salisbury of the Palm Beach Post shared some of the book’s tips in an article on finding cheap prescription drugs:

Be sure to check out the articles for some useful money-saving advice. Better yet, if you haven’t done so already, download your own copy of the book for free here:


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