Find low-cost or free dental services nationwide

In today’s economic climate, most people find it hard enough to afford keeping up with their basic medical care, let alone dental care.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Besides the obvious cosmetic benefits of taking care of your teeth, the American Heart Association says that keeping good dental hygiene could reduce your risk of heart disease.

Fortunately, the folks at have put together an expansive database of free and low-cost dental services throughout the United States. The site features loads of information on clinics, fairs, and other places to get cheap dental care in Minnesota, Northern California, and Indiana; North Carolina, Michigan, and Maryland; Ohio, Pennsylvania, and New Hamphire; as well as New Jersey and virtually anywhere else in America.  The site is updated continuously, so if you don’t see a clinic or event in your area, check back soon.

Are you having trouble paying for dental care? Would WorlDental be helpful to you? Leave us a comment!


4 Responses to Find low-cost or free dental services nationwide

  1. Colleen Johnson says:

    I am 45yrs old, I have very small teeth, some have been built up, I have a few missing from either not having $$$ for crowns and root canels, to being in an very abusive relationship to having a few missing from not having perminate adult teeth to come in after I lost the pedo teeth, Recently I broke off, I belive to be #6 (left from front) I am very embarrassed to even go out, I have recently started College (after droping out of high school 26 yrs ago) I had started having children at 16, I have supported them on my own without child-support what-so-ever, so I have had no $$ to pay for my own dentistry, having this tooth missing is extremly embarrassing for me, my confidence and self esteme is at an all time low. I can pay alittle down and a montly payment, as I am getting finan. aid, but please I need help ASAP! thank you, Colleen Johnson

    • Hi Colleen, we’re very sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation. It sounds like to me what you need is an implant, which can cost thousands of dollars, although it ultimately depends on your specific situation. If you don’t have a regular dentist, your best bet is to look for the closest dental school to you (the college you are attending may have one). Service here will be less expensive than a normal dentist’s office. After consultation, the dentist will suggest what to do next.

      For a database of low-cost dental clinics and university dental clinics, visit Remember to search for dental clinics close to you. If you have any more questions, feel free to send us a message. Good luck!

    • Hi Colleen, here’s a news story that may help you in keeping costs low at the dentist. You can use the same strategies suggested in the post on how to save at the doctor as well.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on affordable dental care.


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