CBS Money Watch recites tips from The Healthcare Survival Guide

December 3, 2009

CBS Money Watch blogger Kathy Kristof recounts for her readers some of the invaluable advice in The Healthcare Survival Guide December 2. In her “Devil in the Details” blog, Kristof, who also wrote about the book in The Los Angeles Times December 1, further explores some of The Healthcare Survival Guide’s cost-cutting strategies. Electing COBRA for a sick family member, piggybacking on a college-student child’s health plan, or asking your doctor for a discount are a few of the clues Kristof suggests.

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The Los Angeles Times consults with Healthcare Survival Guide coauthor Martin Rosen

December 1, 2009

The Los Angeles Times quotes Healthcare Survival Guide coauthor Martin Rosen December 1. In a story on the expiring COBRA subsidy, in which the federal government paid 65% of a laid-off worker’s health insurance premium, journalist Kathy Kristof solicits Rosen’s advice concerning health insurance options for the unemployed.

Kristof also shares with her readers some of the cost-saving tips found in The Healthcare Survival Guide, including finding a part-time job that offers benefits, applying for coverage through a state-run high-risk pool, or negotiating a discount with your doctor.

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